Stephane new UNHCR Nepal chief

Newly appionted UNHCR Nepal cheif Jaquemet.

Kathmandu Jan 13, Newly appionted United Nation’s High Commissoiner for Refugees Representatives in Nepal, Stephane Jaquemet, assum his office yesterday.

He presented the Letter of Credentials to the Nepali Deputy Prime Minister cum Foreign Minister of Nepal, Sujata Koirala yesterday.Jaquemet, upon assuming office said,”l am haappy to be in Nepal , beautiful country, UNHCR’s largest operation in the world.

“We will continue working with the international community and the Governments of Nepal and Bhutan to find solutions for these refugees, including repatriation to Bhutan and resettlement to third countries,” said Jaquemet wrote the statement.

According to a statement issued by the UNHCR, before coming to Nepal, he served as the UNHCR Representative in Lebanon, Beirut. Having spent 17 years with UNHCR, Jaquemet has held a number of senior positions both at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva and in other UNHCR offices, including Indonesia, Togo and Croatia.

UNHCR has said, the Swiss national Jaquemet has a strong legal background, and served as Chief of Protection Capacity Section, Department of International Protection, at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva from 1997 to 2002.

Besides Bhutanese and Tibetans, UNHCR’s work in Nepal also includes providing protection and assistance to around 300 individuals from some 10 countries who have sought asylum in, helping find solutions for stateless people, and facilitating the safe transit of Tibetan new arrivals to a third country.

Since late 2007, UNHCR has helped more than 25,600 refugees from Bhutan to start new lives in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand.

Jaquemet has taken his position when the former UNHCR Chief in Nepal, Daisy Dell, completed her tenure from July last year. She had served the UNHCR Nepal starting from January 2007.


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China invited Bhutanese PM for visit

Dadi Ram Antim,Jan 12,

Hu Zhengye Assistant Foreign Minister of China invited Bhutanese Primeminister Jigmi Y Thinely as the first Primeminister of democratic Bhutan to visit China yesterday.Zhengye was in Bhutan to attend 19th round of Bhutan-China Boundary talks.

Delegation talking on Bhutan-china Boundary Talks.Photo courtsy

Zhengye said,”a mojority of work is compeleted, what’s left is minor”. He said that tremendous efforts have been made and the two countries should engage each other more frequently on broder discussions.Jigmi Y Thinely, Bhutanese PM said that the previous talks have been most meaningful,productive and had have a “special significance” in Bhutan-China relations, kuenselonline wrote.

China is soon hosting the World Expo in Shanghai and the Asain Games in Ghangzhou.A senoir Chinese delegation will be attending the SARRAC submit in Bhutan in April as an observer.

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Koirala passed away in car accident

Tika Ram koirala, resettled Bhutanese passed away at Vinderbille hospotial in Tennessee state of USA at 12 noon local time Tuesday.He was evicted from Lalai Bhutan and live 19 years exile life in Beldangi II Extension camp, Sector A/3.

Koirala was hit by a speedy car while returning from work; immediately he was admitted in ICU section of hospital critical condition due to fracture of ribs and legs.
Information provided by one of his relatives in Tennessee, resettled Bhutanese community members have gathered at koirala’s house for funeral decision and to decide future of his children.
he was survived with five children and wife.

Tika Ram Koirala, who passed away Tuesday by car accident in Tenassee.

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mnb photo file

Young Bhutanese celebrating National Day of Bhutan.

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Footsteps in Virginia

After all with long breath I meet my sister-in-law Narayani at Delta Airlines Airport in Virginia late 8.30 pm.Me and my family members accompanied by old mother, wife,and lap son. Eighteen years of refugee life in Nepal was really a extra story where what we didn’t experience. Life under the supervision United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)administrative care of Government of Nepal was very warm protection with all kind of basic needs fulfilled in order to live a common life.
It was my last day to remain under the plastic and bamboo made hut, all the relatives were present to say Bye and pray for safe journey. A large number of huts arranged in a big area for forcefully evicted Bhutanese people compelled to be refugees called Camp was a home for us.

Where I spend my lovely childhood,teenage,and start adulthood which round in my mind like a wheel.It was not easy to spent eighteen years exile life within the periphery of camp. Totally it was hardship for us to be in touch of modernization which keeps a deep relation with economy.Though I spent my one decade time serving my community as a volunteer.Hardships were my friends every time morning to evening. To tolerate and moving ahead was only one best way to achieve something in life.A kind of culture to criticize and pull down to those who try to learn and do new things is the main barrier still. Though I can proudly admire the world that I was lucky to overcome all that hardship and learn at least new things. Fractions in my community has deeply rooted, what will happen it is matter of tension?Which will lead our community towards destruction.A flame flows in my mind recalling the past days.I regret to lacking technical knowledge which will build a track of hardship in resettled countries too.Days to keep hands on forehead will be regrettable. My memoirs were spinning like a wheel in the Airport comparing hut and new life whether I could successfully be settled or not?That moment was very unbearable for my mind.I couldn’t resist thinking and thinking due fever was troubling me from Kathmandu itself. My footsteps in Virginia trembled me like a wind which may blow the life.Intentionally the reason was a family head in twenty’s age guiding all with full responsibility

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Celebration season in camps

By Jeetan Muskan

November 29, 2009: The November end and first week of December, every year, turns out to be celebration season in Bhutanese refugee camps.
There is a long list of days for celebration during this cold season.
It has been the tradition and means to engage refugees not only to raise awareness but helping them get cooled from frustrations. In recent years, the most frustrating group, young people have increasing participation in such programs.
The AIDS day celebration with music. Photo: UNHCR

The AIDS day celebration with music. Photo: UNHCR

The list of the celebration days includes campaign against domestic violence on women, AIDS Day, Disability Day, Volunteers Day and Human Rights Day. Most of these days began to be celebrated since 1997 when Save the Children (UK), which was responsible for health project in the camp, formed Children Forum and instigated children to raise awareness on these issues.

The campaign against domestic violence on women has already begun in the camps. The aiding agencies pick up the pace for AIDS day celebration on December 1 in all camps, with the slogan – Take the Lead, Stop AIDS and Keep the Promise.

Primary Health Care Project of the Asian Medical Doctors’ Association (AMDA) will organize HIV awareness programs through street drama, HIV/AIDS related songs, dances, sports events and rallies.

Officials from Refugee Coordinating Unit (RCU), Camp Monitoring Officer of Lutheran World Federation (LWF), UNHCR, camp secretaries and police force will join their hands in the programs.

Shital Beka, a staff of AMDA, PHCP for Bhutanese refugees said program is entirely targeted to the refugees to create awareness and prevent spreading of the AIDS. AMDA said 18 refugees have so far been detected to have infected with AIDS.

The camp residents also wait for Disability Day, Volunteer Day and most importantly the Human Rights Day on December 10.

Source: apfanews

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Bhutan media group seeks international support

A report by Media Helping Media

News – South Asia
Monday, 02 November 2009
A media support group, run by Bhutanese journalists living in exile, is looking for international support in order to continue to develop its media training programmes and to campaign for media freedom in the region.

The Media Network Bhutan (MNB), run entirely by volunteers, is approaching its third anniversary. It claims its training courses have helped hundreds of Bhutanese journalists living in the refugee camps in Nepal.

The aim now is to bring together the overseas Bhutanese refugee communities that have been resettled in the West in order to strengthen their media skills and to mobilise them in a campaign for media freedom within Bhutan.

Self help in the refugee camps
The MNB grew out of the work being carried out by a small group of Bhutanese journalists living in the refugee camps in Nepal. It was formally launched in the Beldangi camp in January 2007.

According to Mona Rath Pokhrel, the General Executive of the MNB, those living in the seven refugee camps were starved of reliable information.

“Our aim was to equip journalists in the refugee community with the tools needed to produce responsible and informative coverage of the issues facing those living in the camps,”
“Our aim was to equip journalists in the refugee community with the tools needed to produce responsible and informative coverage of the issues facing those living in the camps,” he said.

The first event was a 21-day course in journalism basics for 45 young refugee journalists. The training was organised in association with the Bhutan chapter of the Third World Media Network. This was followed up with training in radio journalism, attended by 40 participants.

Funding breakthrough

Trainee journalists on one of the courses – Photo Mona Rath PokhrelThe MNB then partnered with the Youth Friendly Center (YFC), a youth programme funded by the UNHCR (the United Nations refugee agency), in setting up a writing course attracting 100 existing and budding journalists from the Bhutanese refugee community.

As more and more journalists were seen to have benefited from the course, the MNB decided to award some of the brightest and best in recognition of their services to the community; people whose work would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

In its first year, the MNB trained more than 200 Bhutanese refugee journalists. To mark its first anniversary, the organisation staged a conference entitled ‘The Media and Bhutanese Refugees’ called to assess the impact of their work so far and decide how it should develop.

As part of its media freedom work, the MNB has teamed up with the Bhutan Press Union (BPU), the Association of Press Freedom Activities (APFA) and the Third World Media Network (TWMN-Bhutan chapter), in a joint effort to build links with Bhutanese media organisations inside the country.

Building an international network
The MNB has appointed executives in the seven resettlement countries of the USA, Canada, Norway, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand, as well as in Nepal. A committee is also being set up in Bhutan, but the MNB says that branch will be working secretly to avoid government detection; Bhutan does not encourage any association between refugees and those living in the country.

Two websites are currently being registered to act as discussion forums for those Bhutanese living in exile, those working to improve the standards of journalism within the refugee community, and those campaigning for media freedom within the country.

The group’s work has not been without incident. Last month, Karna Bahadur Kharka, a Bhutanese social activist, who had been an inspiration to the team running the MNB, was killed by a so-far unidentified group.

The MNB immediately called for government action to find those responsible and bring them to justice, and in doing so thrust the organisation into the forefront of the campaign for media freedom.

According to Pokhrel, the next development is to secure international support for the organisation’s work.

“Our long-term goal and vision is to work to ensure a strong media in Bhutan and support the Bhutanese media in exile.

“However, we are all volunteers and our team is working part-time to achieve these ends. In order to campaign at the highest level we need international assistance and recognition,”
“However, we are all volunteers and our team is working part-time to achieve these ends. In order to campaign at the highest level we need international assistance and recognition,” he said.

If such support is forthcoming, Pokhrel says the MNB is ready to extend its work in the three areas on which it is focussing:

building the capacity of Bhutanese journalists living in exile
campaigning for media freedom in Bhutan
bringing together the Bhutanese exile community and enabling a global debate about freedom of expression in the country.

Any international media support groups interested in contacting the MNB can do so via this site’s contact us form. Comments can also be added to this article by using the comment form below.

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Hasina accorded a red carpet reception in Thimpu.

(Nov. 06) Bangladeshi prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed was granted a red carpet reception at Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. Hasina reached Paro International Air port today at 1:15PM(BST) by the Druk Air, the national flag carrier of Bhutan for four days official visit to this tiny Himalayan nation. She was received at the air port by the Bhutanese premier Lynpo Jigme Y. Thinley and his spouse and was later driven to the capital city.

She is leading a 28 members high level delegation team comprising the ministers, officials, journalists and diplomats. Prime Minister Sheikh who is in her first official visit to any SAARC nation after her assumption of the office of the Prime minister last December is going to sign trade agreement between the two nations. Besides, she is also expected to discuss on how Bangladesh would be benefited from the hydro power of Bhutan.

On the first day, she will be received in audience with His Majesty the king of Bhutan at the Tashichhodzong and later will be attending a banquet to be hosted by the prime minister of Bhutan.

A relief package for the victims of the recent earth quake in Bhutan will be handed over to the Bhutanese PM by the Bangladeshi Prime minister today in the evening.

She will also be attending separate meetings with the Prime Minister,Jigme Y.Thinley, Speaker of the National Assembly, Lynpo Jigme Tshultin, Minister for the economic Affair, Lynpo Khandu Wanchuck during her stay in Bhutan.

Bangladesh and Bhutan enjoy a good trade relationship following the establishment of their diplomatic ties some 36 years ago in 1973AD. Her visit is expected to further strengthen the friendship and coperation between these two south Asian nations.

Hasina’s delegation will return home on Monday, Nov. 9.

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Mon Maya laid to rest in peace

20 October 20

People gathered at the cemetery to pay the last tribute to late Mon Maya .Photo/Neesan
Adelaide, October 20: The funeral ceremony of Late Mon Maya Ghimirey has been completed Tuesday at the Enfield Memorial Park, on the 13th day of her demise.

Pastor Jude began the services at 1:15 PM while the recorded message from Pastor Gopi Chandra Silwal from Sanischare refugee camp in Nepal, where Mon Maya was resettled from, was played during the ceremony.

A group of youths from the Bhutanese community sang a choir wishing peace for the departed soul. Jogen Gazmere, a senior community member, spoke about the brief life history of the late Mon Maya.

Around 200 Bhutanese including her children, other community members, school teachers and well wishers were present to bid farewell to the late Mon Maya with flowers and scarfs at her burial. Officials from the service providers like Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA), Anglicare and Family SA were also present at the ceremony.

Although the Coroner’s Office ,which is investigating into the death of Mon Maya Ghimirey, had released her body on Wednesday after the post mortem, the funeral processing was done as per the schedule of the cemetery.

The children of the late Mon Maya are still under the temporary shelter of Gauri Giri while some community members are volunteering to assist them.

Meanwhile the Bhutanese Community in South Australia submitted a petition to the Government of Australia through DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) to start the process of resettlement of the relatives of the late Mon Maya to join the children as soon as possible.

from APFA News

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APF Caught 1 Tractor Timber from Refugee Camp

DR Antim/mnbnews
30th oct.

Armed Police Force has caught 1 tractor timber from different huts of Beldangi one refugee camp Wednesday.
It was found during search from the huts of sector F and H Pathivara Battalion informed mnbnews. Superintendent of the Police Ganesh Thada Monger said that refugee concerned agencies disturbance did not helped police for search.
Humse Dumse Community Forest Users Committee has also helped police said committee member Narayan Baral.
SP Monger said there are more timber in the camp but due to lack of support from agencies police is not able to find it.

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